Port of Corpus Christi Dock 8, 9, 10


On May 13, 2009, The Port of Corpus Christi Authority (PCCA) contracted Mr. Vickers working under Vickers Inspection to provide coating inspection services for the $124,844.00 Relining of Spill Pans at Oil Docks 8, 9 and 10 projects. The project entailed the removal of the existing failed spill pan liners, prep of spill pan base material and application of an elaborate Belzona coating system at each oil dock. Mr. Vickers was involved in the pre-construction conference attended by contractors, product (Belzona) representative, dock Users, and owner (PCCA) in which he clearly identified his duties, responsibilities and expectations as an advocate of the PCCA. His diligence to study the technical data on the array of Belzona products specified, project plans and technical specifications proved valuable during construction. During construction, he identified contractor shortcomings on prep work as indicated by his instruments and provided corrective actions; due to the high temperatures he recommended the switch to slower curing products without compromising the intended products characteristics to permit for more working time resulting in more complete coverage; suggested more efficient sequence of work and application techniques to contractor; kept contractor abreast of allowable curing times between product coats in order to achieve optimum results and avoid oil dock down time if corrective actions were to be required. As equally important was his schedule flexibility and dependability on attending the work windows afforded on very short notices as is the nature of the highly utilized oil docks. At the conclusion of the project Mr. Vickers furnished the PCCA with a well-organized and comprehensive notebook containing all of his field notes and observations, detailed sequence of events, a vast number of pictures with descriptions and other pertinent information. Overall, Mr. Vickers provided a valuable service to the PCCA on this project.

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