Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, Texas

NAS-P 353 Aviation Training Facilities

Vickers Inspection personnel provided independent third party QA/QC inspection for the coating application phase of the NAS-P 353 Aviation Training Facilities Recapitalization Project. Vickers Inspection provided project oversight and supervision as an in-house NACE-Certified Coating Inspector Level III.  Vickers Inspection personnel served the critical function of ensuring the viability of contractor’s qualifications, equipment, personnel, processes, tools and craftsmanship.  Vickers Inspection personnel provided project data records management, allowing traceability of the critical steps in the coating application process.  Vickers Inspection provided project administration thru step by step verification of assigned quality check points enabling transparent communication with contractors, Kingsville NAS, and Marshall Company engineering staff. Vickers Inspection provided coating evaluation expertise by in house NACE-Certified Coating Inspector Level III. Vickers Inspections partnered with The Marshall Company as a subcontractor and participate as an integral member of the project management team.

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