Our History

The family business began in 1972 Vickers Industrial Coatings Inc., was a distributor of several brands of industrial coatings. Vickers Industrial Coatings Inc., was incorporated in the State of Texas in 1974. In 1978 Vickers Industrial introduced their own line of industrial coatings. Vickers Industrial began manufacturing their own line of industrial products as well as products for other manufacturers. In 2008 Vickers Industrial and its subsidiaries were sold and then in 2009 Vickers Inspection and Consulting, LLC was formed.

Vickers was a manufacturer of specialty coatings, sealants, grouts and high temperature coatings located in the Houston, Texas area. Vickers operated out of a company owned manufacturing building and annexed buildings. Vickers employed one chemist/formulator, seven – eleven production positions, two full-time, and one part-time office admin personnel. Vickers had an outstanding reputation in the regional geography. The company Vickers Industrial Coatings Inc., and Vickers ACRO Distributing focused on segments that were fiercely competitive, industrial maintenance coatings, while private labeling their specialty coatings and Linings (SCL) to a major company for acid brick and fiberglass reinforced coatings company.

Vickers Industrial Coatings Inc. offered a wide range of industrial and specialty products. The company had an excellent history of providing quality products, consistently, with no history of litigation. The company also manufactured several unique products, including a “dry-erase,” anti-graffiti paint with excellent chemical resistance and an insulating paint that reduces surface temperatures of coated substrates 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit. Further, manufactured an aggressive non-skid floor topping funded by, and developed for; the Department of Defense for Aircraft Carrier decks and a handtrowel applied underwater epoxy paste (wastewater/off-shore/marine).

Vickers Industrial Coatings Inc. largest customer a manufacturer of SCL FRP linings, grouts/mortars and sealants for acid brick systems and FRP linings is one of the largest participants in the fast growing power generation markets in China and North America.